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How to Install the Stainless Steel Hand Soap Dispenser on the Wall

How to Install the Stainless Steel Hand Soap Dispenser on the Wall

Aug 28, 2023

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser


Wall mounted stainless steel soap dispenser is a very important bathroom accessory for hand hygiene. It is welcomed both in households and public places. Wall mounted installation methods saves countertop space. This blog introduces the installation methods for the soap dispensers.


Installation methods

  1. Install the mounting bracket in desired location.
  2. Open the lid on top of the soap dispenser, insert screwdriver to loosen locking screw inside the soap dispenser.
  3. Slide hand soap dispenser onto the mounting bracket.
  4. Insert screwdriver to tighten the locking screw.
  5. Pour liquid soap or hand sanitizer or any other suitable liquid into the soap dispenser.
  6. Press the pump to use the liquid soap to clean hands.


Ningbo Vannsoo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel soap dispenser and other public bathroom products. Soap dispenser is a perfect accessory for kitchens and bathrooms. Keep your hands clean, keep your family health!


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