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  • How to Choose Soap Dispenser?
    How to Choose Soap Dispenser?
    Sep 06, 2023
      Soap dispenser is an important product of daily hygiene. It is a necessary accessory for bathrooms at home or public places. There are a series of decisions to make when buying your soap dispenser. In this VANNSOO buyers guide, we will help you to know the types of soap dispensers and how to choose the most suitable soap dispensers.   Why You Need Soap Dispenser? Germs are everywhere. Clean hands with soap is an effective way to reduce the germs on hands. It is especially important to provide hygiene products in washrooms at both home and commercial sectors including hotels, schools, airports, railway stations, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, libraries, shopping malls and etc. Soap dispensers are a clean, effective solution to keeping hands clean!   Types of Soap Dispenser Classification by Functions: Manual Soap Dispenser – This type of soap dispenser operates with push technology. Push the pump or button in front or on top of the soap dispenser to use soap.   Automatic Soap Dispenser – This type of soap dispenser operates with sensor technology. Just put hands under the soap dispenser, soap will automatically come out. Usually works with batteries or charger.   Classification by Pump Types: Liquid Soap Dispenser - Suitable for liquid soap, shampoo, detergent and etc. Foam Soap Dispenser - Suitable for foam soap which is less sticky than liquid soap. Less prone to wastage. Spray Soap Dispenser - Suitable for alcohol disinfectant which looks like water and not sticky.    Classification by Installation Methods: Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser - Installed on the wall with screws or sticky tabs. Sink Soap Dispenser - Installed on the sink or basin. Countertop Soap Dispenser - Just put on the desktop or countertop.   Why Choose VANNSOO Soap Dispensers? Complete Types of Soap Dispensers: We have most types of soap dispensers introduced above for your to choose. Professional Design: 5 Excellent R&D team ensures any OEM / ODM service. High Quality: Over 20 years production of high end soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, hand dryers and grab bars. Fast Delivery: 10 production lines with 35 machines for different products to ensure on time fast delivery. Warranty: We offer one year warranty for all of our products to support your worry free purchase. Timely After-sales Service: 24 Hours fast reply on all questions. Welcome to contact us for any needs!  
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